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Name:use your love like a bullet Яша
Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:United States of America

Raimi. 20s. Loves WWII dramas, delinquents, American comedies, and superheroes of all kinds. This journal contains a lot of fan-fagging over varied fandoms and tl;dr about rl. A unholy amount of reaction posts and animu/video games/comics/history posts. Much keyboard smashing and Capslocking abound because that is just how I roll broskis.

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amadeus cho, american mcgee's alice, aomine not aoyours, assholemine, b.j. novak, baccano!, band of brothers, bokkesan, bramancing with bri, broody elf boyfriend, carver hawke, chuck palahniuk, cole the friendly ghost, community, cromartie high, cryptozoology, dc, deadpool, dorian pavus plowin cullen rutherford, dramatical murder, earthbound, fables, fenris, fenris and anders purikura, generation kill, gintama, jay chou, kuroko no basuke, loki's terrible life choices, lollipop chainsaw, lotr, maji tenshi kagami taiga, marvel, meet the robinsons, megaten, mordecai and the rigbys, nitro+chiral, no more heroes, okage, oregon trail, purple hawke bitter gay, rail tracer, rule of rose, runaways, saint young men, shadows of the damned, snaf = classy/sassy act, the avengers, the goddamn batfam, the incredible hercules, the losers, the pacific, togainu no chi, webgott = love/hate show, young avengers, ゲゲゲの鬼太郎
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