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Oh man

Hi, I'm not dead--I feel like this sentence is starting to become a pattern, by the way and for that I am sorry--I've just been trying to take a break from Tumblr/LJ if only to finish up apps for Grad School, I've got one under my belt and I have two more that need to be completed soon.

Also taking the GRE soon, which night terrors and anxiety do abound about it, admittedly. I'm going through my friends' list and cleaning out a lot of communities so I just have my friends left over because really and truly I love you guys and it's the only reason I stick with lj despite all it's flaws and bullshit.

I'm not doing so great on the fandom front, because for some reason, I guess anxiety, a mild bout of "OH GOD I WON'T GET INTO ANY GRAD SCHOOLS EVER" are doing a number on me creatively and I just can't write for the love of anything really.

Joining up some writing challenge communities, but my fic-writing is so fickle forcing shit comes out badly sometimes. Ahahaha, my shitty life problems. I still need to beg/cry/yell at people for status about my loan and such. Christmas this year is just arlkjsd.

Got into Walking Dead, starting to get into Assassin's Creed it's not hard for me to start games, it's finishing them really, finishing up PSYCH, gonna finally watch Sakamichi no Apollon, Psycho Pass, and catch up on Project K and Magi. It's not that I don't have the free time it's just my mind is rotting when I'm not in school and I don't do anything.

...If that makes sense lol.

Anyways, love you lj, stay sassy and classy. Also this should be the first entry I'll start cross-posing to DW, if you haven't added me or I haven't added you, let me know!
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Hey you! Glad to hear of your ongoing non-deadness. (And also that you're on DW now; it's so much more functional than LJ is these days, but still way too quiet.)

My sympathies with the grad school thing - I was in exactly the same place a month ago, finishing off my applications. Huge relief to finally get it all sent off, but now there's still many long weeks of trying not to panic and convince myself that none of them will want me. Who have you applied to, if you don't mind me asking?

The GRE's no big deal, anyway, at least I didn't think it was. The maths bit is the trickiest part - or it was for me, anyhow - but that doesn't matter particularly if you're doing an arts subject, I'd imagine. Just read up on the kind of questions they ask to familiarise yourself with it; I seem to remember that's advice was pretty useful.
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[personal profile] skew_whiff 2012-11-27 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I've been having this conversation a lot over the past couple of years or so, but it does look like journal sites are on their way out (or rather, LJ is, and a chunk of fandom with it). Which is a shame - Tumblr's fun and all, but you can't really have conversations, and sometimes you want to respond to things at greater length than a reblog or an askbox comment will allow. I'm just glad I made a good group of friends on LJ long before it all started falling apart.

Don't enter the workforce - I've been working for the past two years, still in a shitty barely-above-minimum wage job I could've done without any training, because my BA ain't worth shit when it comes to employment. The lack of stimulation gets to you pretty fast; I can't wait to get back to doing something where I'm using my mind, rather than my ability to answer phones and carry around boxes.

App fees are a pain, though; after months of being pretty thrifty, suddenly it's all hitting me at once with those, and council tax, and winter heating, and sodding Christmas - I haven't checked my bank balance lately, and honestly, I don't think I can bear to right now. I'll find out when my bank starts sending angry letters.

As for the GRE - seriously, if you're good with words (which you are), the verbal and writing bits aren't too bad. As for the maths, was good for telling me what kind of questions get asked, and as for just generally brushing up on my maths skills, I found Khan Academy really, really handy. It goes through everything from the very basics to college-level stuff, divided up into little chunks, all explained in a really clear, well-paced way. I didn't use most of it in the test, but seeing as I'd forgotten almost everything beyond basic arithmetic, it was really handy.
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Ooooh, cross-posting! Hooray! Though it feels new to comment to you under this name, where I've got less icons and what not. ANYWAY.

I love you. Good luck with the GRE and applying to places and YOU CAN DO IT and I wish I could write, too. Bah. I miss it but I feel so bleh from life. COMPLAINING IN YOUR POST, WHOOPS.