Date: 2012-11-27 06:00 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I've been having this conversation a lot over the past couple of years or so, but it does look like journal sites are on their way out (or rather, LJ is, and a chunk of fandom with it). Which is a shame - Tumblr's fun and all, but you can't really have conversations, and sometimes you want to respond to things at greater length than a reblog or an askbox comment will allow. I'm just glad I made a good group of friends on LJ long before it all started falling apart.

Don't enter the workforce - I've been working for the past two years, still in a shitty barely-above-minimum wage job I could've done without any training, because my BA ain't worth shit when it comes to employment. The lack of stimulation gets to you pretty fast; I can't wait to get back to doing something where I'm using my mind, rather than my ability to answer phones and carry around boxes.

App fees are a pain, though; after months of being pretty thrifty, suddenly it's all hitting me at once with those, and council tax, and winter heating, and sodding Christmas - I haven't checked my bank balance lately, and honestly, I don't think I can bear to right now. I'll find out when my bank starts sending angry letters.

As for the GRE - seriously, if you're good with words (which you are), the verbal and writing bits aren't too bad. As for the maths, was good for telling me what kind of questions get asked, and as for just generally brushing up on my maths skills, I found Khan Academy really, really handy. It goes through everything from the very basics to college-level stuff, divided up into little chunks, all explained in a really clear, well-paced way. I didn't use most of it in the test, but seeing as I'd forgotten almost everything beyond basic arithmetic, it was really handy.
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